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Loan to Life Cycle

We aim to be easy and flexible to work with, offering a number of ways you can initially contact us with an enquiry. Please find these below along with the process we follow to complete on your bridging loan.

Stage 1.
Quick Enquiry: For a prompt decision in principle, please complete the relevant quick enquiry form. Alternatively please call or email us..

By Phone: Call us on 020 3301 3877 to discuss the case.

By Email: Please email with an outline of the case.
Please include the information we ask for on our Rapid Enquiry Form.

By Fax: Fax us on 020 7486 7884 with an outline of the case.
Please include the information we ask on our Rapid  Enquiry Form.

Stage 2.
Agreement in Principle.
If the outlined requirement is acceptable we will provide an Agreement in Principle (AIP).

Stage 3.
Application & Valuation to proceed (after receiving a Agreement in Principle) please complete the relevant Application Form depending on whether the borrower is an Individual or a Company.

  • A Boutique application form fully completed and signed by all applicants.
  • A Boutique Statement of Assets and Liabilities/Provision of satisfactory financial statements or other financial or income information as required.
  • All other documentation listed in the AIP, including the professional valuation.

Stage 4.
Formal Offer Letter/Solicitors Instructed: Upon approval of the valuation and application form, we will issue a formal Offer Letter with additional supporting documentation for the borrower(s) to sign.

Stage 5.
Drawdown/Completion: Once all necessary documentation has been received and legal work completed, the loan is drawn down. We will arrange for transfer of the borrower’s money into the solicitors account.
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