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Environment, Social and Governance factors (ESG)

The team at Boutique Capital understand how market forces react to Environment, Social and Governance factors (ESG). We know ways to create and maintain value for developers using ESG strategies.
We also know the challenges that face business when it comes to leveraging the ESG investment facilities and how the pathways to Net Zero are intrinsically linked with stakeholder engagement.
This means we are creating a culture that is sensitive to ESG; Boutique Capital is now adopting smarter methods towards identifying risk, navigating ESG issues to reach those investment goals to fund retrofit and new build developments for future generations. 
ESG data will be especially valuable across the built environment and Boutique Capital will integrate measurable data, assess the impact on all stakeholders, whilst ensuring governance is pursued with the utmost integrity. 
The Boutique Capital management team knows how ESG investing has grown, we have grown with it and we can advise Housing Associations, Developers and stakeholders in the built landscape how to navigate successfully to a better future. 


Corporate behavior has to alter, and investment firms know the cost of capital can have an influence over the sustainable themes that now dominate our future. 
Those businesses that have integrated a Sustainable Strategy into their business planning and can demonstrate supply chain engagement as well as a commitment from staff and other stakeholders will ultimately see a higher ROI.
Demand for a de-carbonised living and working environment will grow exponentially over the next 7 years and many investment firms have set goals for 2030. 
The Environment we live in must be sustainable. 
The Social impact of 10 billion people on this planet by 2050 has to be managed responsibly.
The Governance of assessing how business is run is arguably the most important aspect of the ESG space. Safeguarding against ‘greenwashing’ or corruption is pivotal to the value of a business. 


Boutique Capital is pursuing the highest ESG goals for our clients, but there is no point in reporting unreliable data. We have partnered with a global cutting edge technology platform to report measurable, transparent data to create a positive impact on business and ultimately the planet. 
This unique aspect to Boutique Capital allows the bond of trust between company and investor to flourish - Helping to grow a sustainable environment and providing profit for all stakeholders. 
Contact us now for a more informed discussion on your finance requirements from bridging loans, development & commercial finance to mezzanine and equity funding on all your real estate requirements. 

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